Art shop

The center offers the wealthiest choice of paintings, graphics, arts and crafts, folk art and art souvenirs. There are works performed in various styles and art directions different in subject and genres, different in subject and genres capable to renew, flesh out and decorate any interior – from domestic chamber to official office interior waiting for their future owners.

The work of art in space of life of the man of today – is prestigious, fashionable, it always characterizes the host or an office in a good way. The skilled staff of the Center by Fine Arts will always give to you a well-wishing advice; they will help you to make the choice considering your economic opportunities and style. The work of art is the most valuable present as it comes laden with spiritual contents, reflects the grantor's relation, it is designed for many years and in the course of time only increases the advantages. Having bought the work, you can package it in our picture framing studio.