About Center by fine arts

Center by fine arts - is a private non-profit cultural institution. It was opened on September, 2007. This is a specially built accommodation for exhibiting of works of art (600 sq.m), with the portable systems of space zoning, lighting, storage room and a picture framing studio. The glass dome in form of a pyramid gives a good natural light.

Activity of the center is directed to the advocacy of figurative arts, development of children's creativity, support of artists, rendering of services concerning execution of artistic works. There are exhibitions of artists from the different cities of Russia acquainting the audience with different types and directions of art that are arranged on a regular basis in the exposition hall of the Center of Figural Arts.

Synoptic video of the gallery

The primary target is the promotion cultural and art development, promotion of the fine art and support of artists by holding exhibitions and realization of works; development of creative initiative of children and youth; rendering advisory services in the field of the fine art; execution of artistic works. The exhibitions holding on a regular basis habituate public with all types of visual arts represent both current art life in its development and various manifestations, and its high-water marks in creativity of the masters who are held in esteem. During organization of exhibitions the Center rests on cooperation with artists, their successors, private collectors, galleries and museums.


In the hall of the Center of Figural Arts there are more than 180 exhibitions.